How long will my rabbit live?

How long will my rabbit liveRabbits have an average life span of 7-10 years (although I had a rabbit that lived into his 13th year). Pet rabbits tend to live longer than show or breeding rabbits since they don’t go thru the stress that is put onto a rabbit’s body during those times. Some other things to consider that will help your rabbit live a long life are…

How long will my rabbit live? – The Stuff that Matters

Living Quarters:
Indoor rabbits also have a longer life span due to less stress from being exposed to weather and less of a chance to contract a disease than their friends (wild rabbits) who live outdoors.

A Good Diet:
Proper diet also plays a vital role in over-all rabbit health. Make sure that you are feeding your rabbit a healthy pellet-based diet and limit fruits and vegetable treats that aren’t organic (most regular fruits and veggies will have been sprayed with pesticides, which can build up fast in a small rabbit body). Also make sure to include plenty of fresh greens and hay in your rabbit’s diet.

Keeping at a Healthy Weight:
You also need to make sure that you rabbit doesn’t get over or under weight (check out our great page on how much to feed your rabbit) because this will also tax a healthy rabbit body and shorten their life span.

Small verse Large Breeds:
Smaller rabbit breeds tend to live longer than the larger rabbit breeds much for the same reason that smaller dog breeds live longer than larger dog breeds. The larger the rabbit the more stress on their system just to pump blood though their body, digest food, and even move around, so it wears out faster than a smaller rabbit.


Don’t forget to read more on our site about rabbit care and feeding so that you can be sure that your furry friend is leading a healthy life.


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