Giant Rabbit Breeds – Monsters Among Us!

Giant rabbit breeds have been a popular pet and show rabbit for years because, well, they’re HUGE! There are 4 breeds in the USA with the word GIANT in their name but none are bigger than the Flemish Giant.

Giant Rabbit Breeds

This rabbit MUST (according to their show standard) weigh more than 14 pounds, making them about the same size as a small-medium sized dog! They are gentle giants though and most of the giant breed rabbits are happy to just sit around all day and laze about.

If you’re thinking that a giant rabbit might be for you, here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • Space: These guys will need a nice big cage to live in so if you’re tight on space this might not be the breed for you (check out this page for recommended cage sizes). If you’re planning on breeding these rabbits don’t forget that you’ll have to house multiple bunnies once babies have come your way.
  • Size: While this might be an obvious one think about whether you’re comfortable with carrying around a monster-sized rabbit. If you have small kids they will probably not be able to pick them up (which could be a good thing?).
  • Food: Giant rabbits will EAT EAT EAT. Lucky for you, rabbit food is cheap but there will be a lot of resulting poo from all that food so be prepared to do a little extra cleaning. You can find out more about how much you should be feeding your rabbit here.

Giant rabbits can make great pets and show animals for the person who is ready for their unique needs. The naturally sweet and quiet personality that comes with a giant rabbit is a great perk, as is the huge, floppy rabbit ears, and they can hop onto the couch with no help at all! It’s good to be big.

Think a giant rabbit might be too big for you? Take a look at our Dwarf rabbits and lop eared rabbits for other great pet breeds!

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