Dwarf Rabbits – big personality, small package

The rabbit world has over 100 recognized breeds worldwide but the smallest of them all is the Netherland Dwarf. A true dwarf rabbit (it’s in their genes), these little guys pack a lot of looks and love onto their tiny rabbit frame.

Baby Dwarf Rabbits

They make excellent pet or show rabbits (not so good for farming or meat) and weight in at about 2 pounds each (super small!!!). Netherland Dwarf rabbits also have a great selection of color to choose from so you can find a dwarf bunny that really speaks to you. Breeders are usually the best source for Dwarf rabbits and you should start your rabbit shopping with them.

Dwarf rabbits tend to work best as indoor bunnies (or in a climate controlled barn) because their short ears make it difficult for them to cool off when it’s hot outside, (Rabbit’s don’t sweat so they use their ears like radiators to get rid of extra body heat.) but they do make excellent companions & you gotta love the itty bitty size they cap out at. Once you’ve seen a dwarf rabbit – be careful – you might never be able to go back!

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