Why a Lop Eared Rabbit might be Your Perfect Pet

There is something about lop eared rabbits that makes people smooch up their face & say “Ohhhh, so cute!” Maybe it’s their floppy ears, maybe it’s their playful nature, or maybe it’s those short mushed faces that get you every time.

Pet Lop Eared RabbitIn the USA there are currently five recognized breeds of lop eared rabbits (and more in development), but three of those breeds really fall into an “ideal pet” status because of their compact size & fun-loving personalities. Check out their info below & see if one of them could be your perfect pet rabbit:

My Favorite Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds…

Holland Lop:

One of the smallest of the lop breeds, Holland Lop’s top weight is 4 pounds (very close in size to dwarf breeds) making them an ideal pet for people without a lot of space & looking for a compact companion. You won’t need a huge cage for these guys! They have very fun & outgoing personalities that often remind you more of a clown than a rabbit.

American Fuzzy Lop:

These rabbits are the fuzzier version of their Holland Lop pals, weighing in at the same size but with a beautiful coat of wool (instead of normal short rabbit fur). The wool coat makes them look like little puff balls with lop ears sticking out and they can be great pets, as long as you don’t mind brushing them to make sure their coats stay soft & snag free.

Mini Lop:

Mini Lops are the larger more mellow cousin of the Holland Lop and fall right smack in the middle of the lop eared rabbit sizes at about 6 pounds. These lop eared rabbits tend to be calmer and more easy going than the smaller lops but still pack a very charming personality onto their bunny frame.

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