What if my Rabbits don’t want to mate

Rabbits don't want to mateEvery now and then you will find that breeding rabbits is not as easy as you thought it would be. Sometimes your little furry friends just don’t seem to be figuring it out on their own and your not sure what to do when your rabbits don’t want to mate. Well, we’re here to help them out! Below is a list of common rabbit mating problems and what to do:

Problems and Solutions – When rabbits don’t want to mate:

PROBLEM: Doe (female rabbit) doesn’t want to mate.

SOLUTION: First, make sure that she is in heat (see our post on How to Breed a Rabbit – The Basics for more details). If she isn’t in heat you’ll want to wait a few more days and then check again. It is a crucial element to successfully mate rabbits that the doe be ready and cooperative.


PROBLEM: The doe attacks the buck.

SOLUTION: Make sure that you are taking the doe and placing her in the buck’s cage, female rabbits can be territorial in their own space. If you need to you can always hold onto her head while the buck mounts her so that you can keep him safe from her cranky attitude and sharp teeth. If all else fails wait a few hours and then try again.


PROBLEM: The buck doesn’t seem interested.

SOLUTION: Once again, make sure that your doe is in heat. If she isn’t sending “mating signals” to your buck he may not be interested. Next take your doe and wave her vent area in front of the buck’s face so he can smell that she’s ready to breed. Then take your buck and place him in position on the doe’s back (where he would normally mount her if he was doing the work).  This is usually enough for him to get the hint and start going. As always, have patience with your buck, especially if he is new to breeding, give him an hour or two and then try again until your rabbits have successfully mated!

This is a good breakdown of the basic problems that most people have when they try to breed their rabbits. For an excellent in-depth look at breeding rabbits and raising baby rabbits check out our Ultimate Guide to How to Breed a Rabbit on Amazon!


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