How to Breed a Rabbit

The basics of rabbit breeding is a relatively simple process (they are bunnies after all, they want to reproduce). Below is a quick guide for mating rabbits, if you’d like to read an in depth guide then check out our book on Amazon, How to Breed a Rabbit, for details.

How to Breed a Rabbit

Steps for How to Breed a Rabbit

Step 1:  Make sure that your doe (technical name for a female rabbit) is in heat.

You can check this by flipping her over and looking at her vent (genital) area, it should be reddish in color (its pink when she’s not in heat) and slightly swollen. You can also usually tell by running your hand across her back down towards her tail. If she lifts her butt/ tail up at you, she’s probably in heat.

-  Step 2:  Take the doe and place in the buck’s cage (buck is the name for a male rabbit). Keep an eye on them because the doe can sometimes get a little grumpy and you don’t want her to take a bite out of the buck.

Step 3:  Wait for them to get busy. The buck will usually sniff around the doe and then mount her. Once he’s finished he’ll fall off to the side or backwards, usually accompanied with grunting.

Step 4:  Remove the doe and put her back into her cage.

Wait 1-2 hours and then repeat steps 2-4. When rabbit’s mate the doe releases eggs to be fertilized so a second rabbit mating will increase the chances of pregnancy (This is one of the secrets of how to breed a rabbit that the pros use!).

Congrats, you have just successfully mated your 1st pair of rabbits! Remember, if you want to find out more about the mating process and raising babies check out our Ultimate Guide to How to Breed a Rabbit on Amazon!

If you’re rabbits don’t want to mate or you are experiencing any problems check out this post on “Breeding Rabbits – Troubleshooting – When they don’t want to mate” and also read “Breeding Rabbits – Pregnancy and Birth” for details on what happens after you’ve bred your rabbits.


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