How to change your rabbit food

How to Gradually Change Your Rabbit’s Food:

change your rabbit foodIf you decide to change your rabbit’s food or you have a new bunny and need to swap him over to your brand of food always remember to do it gradually. If you have a new bunny (you got some of their old food to take with you, right?) then you’re going to start them out with a few days of the old food they were eating until they settle into your space.

Starting – Change Your Rabbit Food:

Then, get started with small amounts of the new food mixed in with the old. Gradually increase the mix over two weeks. If you try to do this too abruptly you could end up with diarrhea and a not so happy rabbit for a few days while their gut adjusts.

Keep going until you run out of the old food.

If you want to start feeding your rabbit greens and hay (which all rabbits should have as part of a healthy diet) then be sure to add these very gradually too. Any sudden adjustments to your rabbit’s diet could cause an upset tummy (and an upset rabbit).

We also talk about treats and hay in these other articles so check those out for great tips on bunny snacks!

So remember, when you’re looking at pellets for your rabbit’s diet you want:

  • All hay base (no bits of stuff), timothy or bermuda hay bases are best. (Alfalfa hay is really high in protien and calories so is best for young rabbits only.)
  •  Read the bag for fiber and protein content.
  • Buy fresh!

With these few tips you’ll be on your way to taking great care of your bunny and providing her with all she needs to live a happy hoppy life! Keep reading more about your new bunny and what to check before you bring him/ her home and a list of all the rabbit equipment you’ll need.


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