Bringing home a bunny? Here’s the list of stuff you’ll need!

Bringing home a bunnyThe stuff you need to house and care for your rabbit is one of the 1st investments any rabbit-owner makes. Here is a list of must-have gear so you can be prepared for your new furry friend’s arrival.If you’re looking for the “Top of the Line” items that I love then also check out my list of Favorite Rabbit Stuff.

Bringing home a bunny – The Gear:

Cage: All rabbits need some place to call home. I like wire cages with no coating on the wire, a bunny’s just going to chew through anything plastic or with a coating. Also be sure you get a cage that big enough for your bunny (remember that, if you buy a rabbit as a baby, they will need more space as they grow).

Water Bottle or Bowl: These should be easy to clean and fill. Outside-the-cage style water bottles are my favorite.

Feed Bowl: Cause a rabbit’s got to eat! My favorite kinds are metal or ceramic. Plastic bowls have to be replaced too often and it’s probably not good for your rabbit to be munching on plastic stuff anyway.

Bedding or Rabbit Litter: Unless you have an outdoor cage with no bottom (i.e. everything is swept off the ground) you’ll need to have something in the bottom of the cage. Pine shavings are my favorite but, whatever you get, don’t buy cedar shavings (the scent can bug a rabbit’s sensitive nose and the oils from the cedar can stain their fur).

Food: This will be an ongoing purchase but it’s best to have some ready and waiting before you bring home your first rabbit. See our page on “How to pick out the best food for your rabbit” for more details.

Optional Fun Stuff Incudes:

-          Leash and harness for walks in the park

-          Toys for bunny play time.

-          A “rabbit run” or rabbit play pen that can be set up anywhere you want to let the fur ball out to play.

-          Small carrying cage for transport.

-          Treats! Cause everyone (even your rabbit) likes a treat now and then.

Check out our “Stuff We Recommend” page for list of the exact items that I use  for my rabbits.


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