My Favorite Rabbit Things

Favorite rabbit thingsI’ve tried just about every rabbit product on the planet (some work great, some… not so much) but there are a few stand-out pieces of gear that I LOVE and would never replace with anything else. So I just had to share with you my absoult favorite rabbit things.

Besides a good cage, these items will make your life easier and help keep your rabbit safe, clean and healthy.  Keep reading to check these out (all have been tried and tested by 100+ bunnies over the years.

The Best – Favorite Rabbit Things:

Non-Gravity Water Bottle. (so no little metal balls in the tip). These water bottles have a nipple-end that the rabbit drinks from instead of the little metal ball holding back all the water. They ROCK because, if your rabbit leans on it all the water doesn’t flow out & mess up the cage PLUS you can fill them from a screw lid on the top so you don’t have to take them off the cage to re-fill. Totally awesome in my book!

Hanging Feeders. These feeders (for bunny food) hang on the outside of the cage and you cut a small hole through the cage wire so the mouth of the feeder pokes into the cage. It’s a super fantastic design because your rabbit won’t be able to knock it over (and waste all their food), or sit in it and make a mess (like they can with a bowl-style food container) AND you can fill it up without even opening the cage – which rocks for those days when you are really on the run! Some even come with holes or mesh on the bottom side so that any food dust can fall through, leaving you rabbit with whole pellets instead of dust.

Corner Shaped Litter Boxes. Once I discovered that rabbits were crazy-easy to train to use a litter box I never wanted to go back! Cleaning up after my rabbits was simple with everything contained in one little area. My favorite rabbit litter boxes of all time are wedge-shaped so they fit perfectly into a corner of a cage AND they usually attach on the side of the cage. Both of these things are a major plus since your rabbit can’t knock it over, it takes up less space in the cage and, if you have a male that likes to spray, the extended sizes catch almost everything!

If you’re interested in learning more about litter boxes than read our page about litter box training for tips on how to train you rabbit today!

You can also check out all of these items and more on our Stuff We Recommend page.


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