Having your pet rabbit fixed (spayed or neutered)

If you have a rabbit that is not spayed or neutered you may want to think about having it done. Having your pet rabbit fixed can be one of the best choices you’ll ever make as a pet owner. Below we’ve outlined some of the pros and cons of having this procedure done for your furry friend.

Having your pet rabbit fixed

Having Your Pet Rabbit Fixed – Pros:

-  Your female rabbit will not be “cranky” – like she is when she is in heat.

-  It will drastically cut down on male rabbits spraying and marking territory. You can also help keep urine from going everywhere by litter box training your rabbit and buying him a litter box with high side walls.

-  Spayed or neutered rabbits can live longer with a reduced chance of cancer, no stress from having babies and a reduced chance of urinary tract infections.

-  If you want to have more than one rabbit live together it will help them get along with each other due to the calming effects of reduced hormones, you also won’t have to worry about any accidental breeding taking place.

Having Your Pet Rabbit Fixed – Cons:

-  If you want to show your rabbit it must be “fully intact”, meaning no spaying or neutering.

-  It can be costly and there is always a risk with surgery that there could be complications.

-  Your rabbit will need recovery time to heal from the surgery (so, if you have small children, they will need to wait until your bunny is fully healed to play).

If you do decide to have your rabbit spayed or neutered be sure to find a vet who has a lot of experience with performing this procedure. The best place to start searching for a vet is online or with a phone book, look for veterinarians that list “exotic pets” as part of their practice.

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