Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?

If you’re thinking about getting a new pet rabbit than congrats! If you’re wondering do rabbits make good pets then read on – Rabbits can be ideal pets if you take a few things into consideration:

Do rabbits make good pets - baby pet rabbitPros:

Rabbits are very quiet. There is no barking or meowing to worry about so they can be ideal for apartment living where noise may be a concern.

Rabbits are very clean and tidy. They don’t need baths and will usually only shed their fur twice a year so the most grooming you’ll need to do is trim their nails (you can read how on our grooming page). A lot of people who are allergic to cats or dogs find that a rabbit will be a prefect allergy-free pet.

Rabbits can have a TON of personality. I had a rabbit that would purr when you pet him, he loved it so much! A lot of pet rabbits will be very happy sitting on the couch with you (and will snuggle into your lap) or running around the back yard in a play pen, but they don’t need constant walking or outdoor exercise like dogs do.

Rabbits are inexpensive to keep. A bag of rabbit food will run you anywhere from 3-8 bucks. There are currently no recommended vaccinations for rabbits so you don’t have a yearly vet bill or licensing fees to worry about.


You need to spend time with your rabbit. If you don’t handle your rabbit often they can become uninterested in you and not like to be held much or at all. It is also very important to teach young children how to interact and handle your rabbit so that your bunny isn’t accidentally dropped (which can lead to broken bones).

Rabbits eat a hay based diet, so if you’re really allergic to hay this could be a deal breaker for you.

Rabbits can live for 5-7 years and beyond so if you’re not ready to commit to that time frame then this pet may not be for you.

I hope that his helps you to answer the questions “do rabbits make good pets”. If you ever want more info or have any questions please feel free to send me an email. In my over 20 years of rabbit-raising experience I’ve found rabbits to be ideal pets for a lot people; if you think that this may the pet for you then don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and check out our recommended rabbit books!


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