How to Breed a Rabbit – Book

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How To Breed A Rabbit Book

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How to Breed a Rabbit

Learn all the secrets and tips of rabbit breeding from the top experts in the world. This complete guide takes you, step-by-step, through all the phases of rabbit breeding, from mating to birth and raising of the litter. Get your questions answered and be prepared, if something goes wrong with the birth or the babies you’ll be glad you read this book!

Comprehensive Topic Include:

What Equipment Do I Need?

How do I Choose a Mating Pair?

What if my Rabbits won’t Breed?

How can I tell if she’s Pregnant?

What do I need to get My Rabbit Read for Birth?

What if something goes Wrong During Delivery?

How do I handle Newborn Babies?

Also Included is:

How to handle potential baby health problems

How to hand-feed a newborn rabbit

How to wean a baby rabbit from its mother’s milk

Keeping Breeding Records

Show Rabbit Pedigrees

And more…

How To Breed A Rabbit Book 2

How to Breed a Rabbit

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